How to reach us?

How to reach us?

About Us

We are glad to be able to offer you our products from the rustic programme.
Our production has a 60-year-old tradition that has been passed down in the family from one generation to the other.In that way the warmth of wood has become the part of our beings.

Living near hundred years old oak woods is a great challenge, since it is well known that oak wood is the best and the most valuable wood Europe.

With our furniture we would like to bring the warmth of wood that the nature itself gives, into your homes, restaurants, hotels, cottages, pubs and other places where you would like to relax.

We believe that the beauty of our furniture originates from the forest and in our hands turns into a genuine ecological product.

Maybe you will find forgotten stories of your ancestors in one of our old chests.
It would be a great pleasure for us to cooperate with you!

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Rustic furniture "Žir"
Kralja Tomislava 92,
35212 Garčin, Slavonski Brod

Tel: 035 422 486
Mob: 099/214-3466, 098/941-4576